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Our Mission

Launched in 1996, the MWCC is a 501(c)3, non-profit, membership organization whose mission is to help companies increase their competitive strength by building cultures of continuous improvement.

We are a collaborative effort, sustained through the involvement of state and local government, expert practitioners and service providers, and a diverse collection of member companies including but not limited to: manufacturing, aerospace and defense, engineering, financial service firms, health care providers, commercial and food products.

Our purpose is to provide training, leadership development, implementation support and transformation services to Maryland companies with the core objective of promoting, developing and sustaining world class practices for Maryland businesses.

World Class Tools and Principles

Our consortia members and affiliates share a common understanding and practice of the value Lean Thinking, a continuous improvement philosophy derived from the Toyota business system that every type of organization can use to reduce waste and improve performance to achieve measurable and dramatic results for the business, employees, and customers.

Consortia members also understand the importance of Six Sigma tools for variation reduction, and methods for leader development, employee engagement, business culture design, and change management.

They all share the goal of business performance excellence. In whatever business they are in, Consortia members and affiliates are dedicated to the continuous pursuit of perfection. They are always experimenting, always growing, always learning, always sharing.

Support the Consortia

We invite you to support our organization at many different levels.

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Our Service Areas

The MWCC offers a variety of diagnostic, educational, and networking resources to members, non-members, and even non-Maryland companies.

Diagnostic, Benchmarking, and Planning Tools
What does "World Class" mean, and where is my organization today? Our diagnostic tools help answer these questions. Benchmarking tours, site visits, and case studies help members understand how abstract principles apply to their business. Planning Tools define the path from current state to world class performance

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Educational Resources
The MWCC hosts workshops, certification testing, and extended courses that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve personal growth and reach business improvement goals.

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Networking and Best Practice Sharing

Consortia members can work collaboratively to learn from the experiences of others. Over the web or in person, the MWCC provides tools and events that help members connect and share best practices they have discovered.

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Implementation Support
Through its network of nationally-recognized consultants, the MWCC provides expert facilitation, coaching, and turnkey project implementation support. Financial assistance is available through offset arrangements and state and local grants.

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