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The Maryland World Class Consortia builds the competitive strength your organization needs to win.

We are the Maryland World Class ConSortia.

The MWCC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen and grow the state and national economies through performance excellence. We help organizations of all types use world class techniques, such as lean and six sigma, to build competitive capability.


RMI’s 2020 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing Define New Directions in a New Reality

Manufacturing plays a critical role in Maryland’s economy; it greatly impacts middle class jobs, our families, communities and human life itself. In these challenging times, a new reality is emerging across Maryland, defining the future of Maryland manufacturing.

RMI’s 2020 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing will “tell the stories” of many of these challenges and the successes in overcoming them. Submit your Champion stories today; no cost to do so. View the new online Directory of 2020 Champions. Sponsor the 2020 Champions program.

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If your company is racing against the clock to meet the demands of delivering supplies and products for the fight against COVID-19,  we can help.  Contact us!

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We've launched our new website!

We're proud to announce our brand new website design! The new website looks nice on any device you're using, and it's much easier to navigate. We're also excited to be offering a bunch of new features, like a job board, members-only discussions, and private photo galleries. We hope you enjoy the site! 

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