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Virtual Lean Peer Groups

The Maryland World Class Consortia hosts Lean Peer Groups throughout Maryland.  Lean applies to any type of organization and processing environment. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, service organization, or a non-profit, this program should be part of your Continuous Improvement plan. Company leaders will have an opportunity to revamp and re-energize their Lean strategy by networking with and learning from others who are committed to creating a Lean culture.


The virtual format allows participation from anywhere within Maryland.  In addition participation is open to organizations outside of Maryland! The video conference format enables participation of organizations regardless of location.

Who Should Attend?

Not just for manufacturers, our Lean Peer Groups have a mix of companies from a broad range of industries and Lean maturity levels, from those who are just getting started to some who would be considered Lean-mature organizations. All of these organizations have been able to learn and grow. The only real requirement is a sincere desire and commitment to moving forward on this never-ending journey of excellence. To assure open communication, no competitors are placed within the same group.

Since room capacity limitations are not a concern with videoconferencing, we will increase the maximum number of participating organizations to twelve (vs nine).

Number of participants per company is not restricted (within reason).

Number of Meetings

Our Lean Peer Group cohorts meet monthly via Zoom. However, as company travel and meeting restrictions are lifted, MWCC will coordinate facility tours for members within travel distance of each other. These gatherings will be in addition to the monthly video conference meetings.

"Members Only" Access

Each Group has their own area on the new MWCC website. This member area will have a location for materials such as meeting presentation slides, and there is also a discussion feature.

Currently Registering Groups:

Upcoming Sessions

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